Meixner IT

Radio Alarm

The usecase is easily explained, some of us need to wake up at certain times. This is a very old problem, the first solutions were these mechanical clocks that one had to wind up manually and which made these loud ticking noises. Unbelievable nowadays, nobody in the stress plaqued modern society would be able to find any sleep with this loud clocks in the same room, we need silence.

Than we had radio alarm clocks, the improved versions were able to retrieve a time signal from some atomic clock, which helped when you needed to unplug them. The reception was bad, specially in winter ...
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.NET Barcode Reader SDK

If you found this page while looking for a .NET barcode reader SDK you might have already noticed that the available open source SDKs do hardly deliver any quality and the commercial SDKs are way above any reasonable budget. Who needs a complete imaging suite when you just want to read barcodes?

This was exactly the situation that motivated us to code our own barcode reader SDK.

Our SDK does not just scan an image for  barcodes, it extracts features and recombines them to barcodes. With this approach we just need to scan an image once to be able to extract any barcode, whatever his orientation ...
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What we can do for you

We are developing individual software using Microsofts .NET framework. Mostly we do database driven software.

Databases we are working with are Microsofts SQL Server, MySql and Oracle.

We are also doing alot of work in the imaging business. We did our own Barcode Reading SDK for .NET, which will soon be available on this site. If you have huge paper archives, we can consult you on how do digitalise those. We can help you on automatically extracting information from digitalised images, like invoice data or document classification. As we can find barcodes on images, we can ...
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